Sunflower Stories: The Five Things I Learned in UP


It’s 2 A.M. and I am super bored (like I have always been for the past nine months LOL). I got some papers from UP this afternoon and saw the sunflower plants (because there’s no flower yet and I am not sure if I should call it a stalk or a stem. Forgive my Bio ignorance) already growing. I have seen those for five years already but my emode was turned on this afternoon because I really am going to graduate soon.. I mean I have all the papers saying I have completed the course but I never really had a proper graduation yet. 22 days before that day, I feel like sharing about the amazing life lessons I’ve learned.


One of the most intimidating things about this school is its size. The fact that people are using jeepneys for public transportation inside the campus makes it even look bigger.

I remember one of the facilitators I worked with before my first year stopped another facilitator from telling me how to go to the Health Service. He was like, “Wag mong turuan, dapat maligaw siya para matuto.” Although I laughed at his comment, I was actually annoyed. Why were they depriving me of that little detail?! Anyway, when I reached the Health Service by myself, I really got lost. I was holding on my chest X-Ray film (without an envelope!) while circling around the church. I honestly thought I could reach Philcoa without riding a jeep so I just kept on walking. On my third round, I kind of felt really lost and scared. I texted an older high school friend who’s studying in UP. He asked me what I can see and I said, “Parang International Center, tapos parang may bundok at gubat-gubat” And he was like, ‘ano’ng bundok?!’ I didn’t reply because I don’t know what I was seeing and just asked a random stranger. The good person told me I had to ride a jeep to get to Philcoa. Thank God for good souls! As for the ‘mountain’ I saw, it was purely imagination.. I was never the outdoorsy type. Getting lost really made me panic.

Getting lost not only in terms of direction but also in learning was also something I learned here. Most of us were among the good students in high school and whether we admit it or not, we had some kind of pride. It was not that easy to admit that you’re ‘lost’ in class. But it is the first barrier that I had to burst: pride. The first years were really difficult for me because I had a hard time accepting the fact that I was not the ‘smart one’ anymore. I was lagging behind so much because I could not ask my professors and classmates about the stuff that were going on. I guess when I realized this, things got a lot better. I mean the subjects didn’t get easier but I didn’t feel that conflicted any longer. I might have said I hated what I was doing for n-times but looking back, I don’t think I would have finished it if I didn’t enjoy it even for just one bit.



UP has been known for being the University of Pila. Even if things are a lot better now that there are online enlistment and such, lining up (while maintaining looooooooong patience) is still among the students’ best training. LOL. There is this comic strip from Lyndon Gregorio’s BEERKADA about lining up in UP and how you have to queue for just about everything. The character in the story was shown lining up for subjects, assessment and on the last strip, he saw a male friend lining up and he asked what it’s for and just replied that he doesn’t know anymore– he’s apparently lined up for the female rest room.  I really am not exaggerating when I say that it takes you hours and even days just to get a single subject. I even had to go to school at 6AM just to get a P.E. slot (Cheerleading, woohoo!) and when I got there, 10 students were already lined up even if the official enlistment would be starting at 9 A.M.!

Regardless of STFAP bracket, every student has to wait. Whether it’s for a subject, food, rest room, membership in organizations, library materials, concessionaire for UP fair, documents, CRS grades– there is no shortcut. You have to wait or you do the extra mile like be a Registration Assistant and receive all the stress in the world in exchange for getting all your subjects or stock up your Tambayan with PET and other recyclables to get that ‘Dream UP Fair Concessionaire’. Nothing is too easy.


When I was 13, I went to the US for the first time, my aunt got a bit disappointed in me when I commented ‘they look weird’ to a bunch of ladies wearing Disney costumes in a fastfood chain. I was told that people are free to do whatever they feel like doing there. In my head I was also like, ‘But I am also free to say whatever I was thinking of.’

During my first few months, I could not help myself from staring at students who go to class in pajamas, hardcore cosplay, rainbow-colored hairstyle and high heels (on men!). I really can’t look down or pretend that I did not see them. The bizarre outfits were not the only things that shocked me. It’s the people’s open-mindedness. In my first year, there was one bisexual senior who talked about his sex life and how he lost his virginity like he was talking about breakfast. I wasn’t even asking so I was really taken aback. Not to mention the sex toys show-and-tell and the how-to-put-a-condom-on-a-banana activities for SocSci 3.

Being raised in a really conservative family, it was kind of a huge adjustment to me. But then time went by and these things became a lot easier in my eyes. At the end of the day, they are just ordinary students who take exams, cram formal reports, eat pancit canton with everyone. They really are just like everyone else who just happened to be more celebrating about their individuality. Most people I’ve met in UP have weird sides that I kind of lost track of what the word ‘weird’ means. It’s like I got in that place thinking I was a unique person and now I realize how ‘normal’ I am.

UP_Oblation_by_darthkix (1)


One of the older UP jokes is about the comparison of the teaching methods in different universities and learning how to swim. In UST, students are assisted by their professors before they learn how to swim and when they have learned enough, their teachers still guide them from the sides. In ADMU, students are assisted until they have learned how to swim then they are left by themselves. But in UP, the professors push you to the swimming pool and tell you to learn it on your own or you drown and die. This is kind of a true-to-life story, though. One of my board exam lecturers shared about her first swimming class in UP and she was told to swim even if she had no idea how to do it. She got scared and declined and was told she’d fail so she jumped anyway and learned. Oh, the power of those magical words, ‘.. or you’d fail.’

There is nothing wrong with assisted education, though. I personally would prefer that. But UP’s methods push you to your limits. They make you believe that the only thing stopping you from learning is not the difficulty but fear. It is actually amazing how this works. You’d be surprised with your own limits. Although this does not mean that all professors in UP would just let you drown and die. Most of the ones I’ve had were the type that push you to the pool and make you learn by yourself but if you really start to drown, they jump in and save you anyway. After you calmed down, they would push you again but they would never, ever teach you exactly how it is done step-by-step. They just show you that it is possible but you have to figure out how it is so.


This is probably the best thing I have learned in UP. Failure. That was my biggest phobia (now it’s electric sparks, lol) before college. I just cannot imagine myself being below average (even being average made me frustrated). Although I had an image of being ‘the good girl’, I actually had a big ego. But the welcome I got in UP? It burst my ego in just two weeks. It broke me when I thought I was in perfect shape. In the second semester of my first year, I was struggling with myself. I kept asking ‘why do I need to experience all this?’. I felt like I did not study hard to get into that school and get that treatment. I kind of felt empty. Like I went to my classes but I wasn’t actually there. I was doing requirements but did not understand what they were for. I had 18 units that semester, I failed 15 of them. I failed a lot more subjects in the next semesters that I lost track of how much units I did not pass. Clue is my transcript is thicker than usual.

I have lived a comfortable, sheltered life. I never really had big problems to deal with so you can imagine how this affected me. Failing is never a good feeling. Repeating the subject feels even worse. It’s like a five months’ worth of deja vu events. Not to mention the awkward feeling between you and the teacher who gave you a failing mark and the moment your classmates start calling you ‘Ate’. And when you get home, no matter how kind your parents are, you can’t help but feel embarrassed. And it feels even weirder when your friends are worried about whether they’ll meet the cut for CS (College Scholar)/US (University Scholar) while you’re worried if you’ll meet enough credited units to stay in your college or while they are computing how much they need to be exempted from the final exams while you’re aiming for a 3.00 (or even 4.00!). It also sucks so bad when you read ‘vacation mode statuses’ in Facebook when you’re cramming up for removal examinations!

I can talk about this and laugh now because it’s all in the past and I have gotten through all of it. But back then, I really thought of just giving it all up and shift somewhere or transfer schools. Since it’s all over, I sometimes think of the what-could-have-beens if I never failed in any of my subjects. Well, I think it would have been great and it would be a huge achievement but to be honest, I don’t think I would be as happy as I am right now about graduation if that was the case. If I didn’t get through all these failures then I would still be that little girl who has a super inflated ego– which is really scary. Someday, we are all bound to have a few mistakes and would definitely experience failures. If my ego bubble was not burst here, God knows what could have happened if it would be burst later on. UP breaking me is a blessing. This is something I am sure I would be forever thankful for.

My UP experience has been everything but ordinary and I truly enjoyed it despite all the rants I posted on FB, Twitter and on people who would care (or at least pretend to care) to listen. If I would be asked if I would want to experience it again, my answer would be– OF COURSE— NOT! I mean what the hell? Never again! But if I would be asked if I ever regretted it, I would definitely say


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      • Oy, Lea A! Na-amaze ako kasi may nag-share nito sa FB (na hindi mo kilala) tapos binasa ko. Nagulat ako na nag-comment si Erwin. Pero mas nagulat ako na ikaw ang nag-reply. Aba! Stariray ka! Love it! Favorite lines:

        “They make you believe that the only thing stopping you from learning is not the difficulty but fear.”

        “If my ego bubble was not burst here, God knows what could have happened if it would be burst later on. UP breaking me is a blessing.”

  1. >Skin Diving PE Class
    >Professor makes all of us line up along the deep end of the pool
    >he holds that long pole used to scoop leaves out
    >tells us all to jump
    >tells us we’ll float anyways
    >if not now then in three days
    >I’m a decent swimmer
    >I jump, so do others
    >others are too scared
    >scared that they can’t see the bottom of the pool
    >Professor holds the long pole horizontally
    >pushes all of the students in at once
    >instant treading lessons, done the UP way

  2. Congratulations! I don’t know you personally and I’m pretty sure you don’t know me too, but I’m happy that another Iska is about to kiss the sunflowers goodbye 🙂 At syempre, congrats dahil ang dami mong natutunan bukod sa acads! 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m an incoming sophomore and I can honestly say that I can totally relate to most of your experiences. Reading your blog entry made me feel nervous and excited at the same time. Congratulations!

  4. “Parang International Center, tapos parang may bundok at gubat-gubat” -> Super Trademark Lea!

    Getting lost is a nice experience, BTW. Getting lost may help you find yourself. 😉

  5. The best experience here is the UP breaking, and I have to agree with all the points (although I have to say I did fit in like a glove because I’ve always had problems with the way I was raised anyway because I’ve always been weird). I’m really proud of you being able to get through all of those! Good luck and believe me you’ll look back and come back when you become bored, or not? lol

    • I actually thought I was weird until I set foot in UP.. :)) Since my unofficial graduation, I’ve been going there at least once a month .:P Anyway, thanks.

  6. Aww, Leanne! I’m so proud of you! I remember my own stay where I also learned the same lessons. Now that I’ve been working for a few years now, I’m also glad my breaking-in happened at UP. 🙂 Congrats and keep learning!

  7. Congratulations! I’m a freshie in UP and today I learned that I failed my Math class.I was feeling suicidal all day until I read this and realized I’m not alone. 🙂 Thanks for this. It really made me feel a whole lot better.

    • Oh, it’s good you’re feeling a lot better now! I don’t think I should tell you that ‘it’s okay’ but I want to tell you that grades do not define us.. There is so much more to college than just numbers. 🙂 Just take a break first.. Then you’ll realize it’s not so bad after all. 😀

    • I failed math11 on my first take.. I was all down that time but my friends told me to take it again and with other professors.. what was good is that tou already know how it goes. Yoy already know what yu did wrong before. I don’t know about the others but failure is really a good experience in studying. If you are over perfect there is no room for learning 🙂

  8. From being an innocent freshman applicant and now a strong lady and ex-officer of our precious organization, I witnessed every struggle that you experienced. Honestly, I really admire your persistence to move forward. Never akong nawalan ng hope na matatapos mo ito. Congrats Lea! You really deserve it! How I wish na mag-usher ako sa graduation nyo, pero still I will be one of your friends who will be very happy as soon as ilipat mo na sa kabilang side ung sablay mo. BTW, feeling ko ikaw pa rin ang baby ng org, haha. Congrats! 😀

    • LOL may “Kuya” talaga parang Kuya Tonipet lang XD Aww, thank you. ChemSoc played a vital role in this.. Wala lang sa blog ko, pero when I learned I failed 15/18 units in one sem, nasa tambayan ako then people were consoling me, arranging my ‘next sems’ subject plan’ and the next thing I know, I was enrolled for summer. LOL. If I wasn’t there, if I didn’t apply.. the ending of this blog would be so much different. 🙂

      I am bugging my batch mates to go sa grad kahit tapos na sila for the sake na nasa grad pics ko sila because I want to spend that day with the people who really helped me in the journey. *tears*

  9. Just read your article. Brings back a lot of memories. I can totally empathize with you. I guess all these experiences are something that will always be a part of us. They make us able to cope with the complexities of life better. In a way, our UP life is a multifaceted microcosm of the world around us. They give us that extra edge that, in most ways, make the UP grad unique and more resilient in going through adversities. I am halfway across the globe now with my UP life more than a decade behind me. Yet I still remember everything with fondness. Thank you for putting a smile to my lips just now as I travel back to the past and remember.

    • I find it interesting that it does not matter which UP era you belonged to, we all share the same sentiments and lessons. I used to wonder why a lot of professors go back to UP after they obtained graduate studies abroad when they can clearly start their careers somewhere else (with greater pay!). But I think I understand now why UP alumni seem to be attached to the school. I think it’s the same for all of us, no matter how much we wanted to get out of there during the undergrad days, we keep on going back (even through memories) because it played a huge role in our lives. Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

  10. Well done Lea! I’m so proud of you! Naalala ko bigla ang usapan natin about first love at true love. Haha! Up to now, I still don’t know which one to choose. Ikaw ba?

    I know you’ve been through a lot, I’ve seen most of it. It made you a stronger and better person. Congrats sa graduation! This is not the end but the start of another phase of your life. Aja!

    • I think I’m going with my true love but still having an affair with my first love? LOL. Or at least I’m really good friends with my first love 🙂 I think it doesn’t matter which one you choose, though. If you would really pursue something and do with your whole heart, then your first love may be your true love after all. 🙂

      Salamat po! Sabi nga ng motto ng aking fan girl life.. It’s not an END but an AND! XD

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  12. This is definitely inspiring. 🙂 Incoming freshie po ako, and you gave me a glimpse of what I would be expecting in UP. Congratulations po! 😀

  13. i super love this article. I’m an alumnus for 2 years na. I experienced everything you wrote and this brought back my crazy memories. Lalo yung pag compute ng friends mo kung CS/US sila tapos ikaw, compute kung 3.00 ka ba or removals. SUPER FUN. Haha. I love you and I love this entry. Keep it up! ❤ So Proud to be UP. Happy Graduation! 🙂

  14. Di kita kilala at siguradong hindi mo ako kilala pero I feel like a part of my soul is in this article. Nod. Nod. Nod at every point. It brings back memories, bitter and sweet.

  15. I graduated from UP too and shifted to 3 different courses. Like what you and the others said, it really is tough to survive UP because our teachers never spoon feed. Sa UP hindi pwede maging mahiyain. Hindi pwedeng may fear ka na mapagalitan or bumagsak. You will definitely experience more than that before you graduate. I commend you for not having the same fear to write about your intrapersonal issues. I hope a lot of UP students get to read this because madami talaga makakarelate. When I experienced the same issues more than 10 years ago, I had no one to talk to. A semester ago, my brother (also a UPian) struggled with the same intrapersonal and academic issues. He used to be in Engineering but he felt he can’t handle the higher Math subjects. I was too late though when I had a talk with him, he already had shifted to a diff quota course.

    Congrats at may sablay ka na 🙂 But my advice is, make sure you follow through with your clearance and diploma. Hanggat hindi mo hawak ang diploma, wag ka makampante. You’ll never know hanggang kelan ang pahirap sa UP. When I graduated 10 yrs ago, I immediately worked 3 days after I marched. My office is in Makati and for 2 years I didnt have the time to get my diploma after I fixed my clearance. When I went back (due to an opportunity abroad), I found out the RA in my college made a big mistake and my name wasnt included in the list of graduates. The OUR and I figured out the problem after a day of going back and forth to my college and the OUR. Imagine my frustration and how my patience was tested. I have my diploma now but back then I had to wait for months because to fix the problem, they had to wait for a new batch of graduates where The Board of Regents meet to approve the list so my name could be included. Of course I wasn’t able to accept the job abroad back then and a lot of friends suggested na pagkakitaan ko ang sitwasyon but how can I sue my Alma Mater. I am still a proud UPian bec I am independent now dahil sa mga natutunan ko sa UP. Two years ago, sa UP pa rin ako nagenroll for MA.

  16. From the start to the end, I am all LOL. Because I can sooooo relate that it made me realize, I would definitely never ever NEVER REGRET going to UP! 😀 Congratulations! And Welcome to the real world! 😉

  17. Getting out of UP can really be difficult but in the process you learn to do whatever takes to survive and rise above all the obstacles. We all learned to be ‘maparaan.’

    • The fact that we can laugh about it now is a strange but fulfilling achievement. Nakakagulat pa rin minsan pag iniisip ko kung paano ko nagawa lahat ‘yun :))

  18. Breaking in is such a familiar phase any isko and iska undergoes (except if they’re late bloomers or secret geniuses). I remember math17, that I had to cram all hours just to get a 3.0 and praying to pass my removals, but my seatmate did not even study and would get 1.It really burst my bubble! haha. Looking back now though, I’m glad i had that experience.
    Congrats on your graduation! 🙂

    • I used to wonder what life is like for those people who barely give effort but get amazing results. But now, I couldn’t care less.. hahaha I’m just glad it’s over. XD

  19. Hi! I kept laughing at the office while reading this. Akala ko may nagsulat na ng article about me. I can totally relate to everything you wrote here. When I found out that I can graduate, I really saw the sunflowers waiving goodbyes and applauding me. And I am literally crying while riding a jeep going to Sm North. That is why the title captured my attention. Congrats Iska!

  20. I’ve never been to UP except during our educational trips. 🙂 Studying there had always been my frustration (My father does not allow me to). hahaha. Reading this, that same “gusto kong mag U.P” resurface again. 🙂 Thumbs up for this! ❤ I specially liked this: You’d be surprised with your own limits. There you go girl!

  21. I couldn’t help myself but smile while reading your post. Biglang nag-flashback 4 years ko sa UP. All Isko and Iska out there can relate with what you have experienced. UP education is the best. Well written!

    • Awww please do feel excited! Scared is a normal thing but believe me, there’s a LOT more things to look forward to than to be scared about. Enjoy the ride! ^_^

  22. I so had the same experience. First 2 years I studied in baguio but then with the course I didn’t enjoy and then really cried over due papers and aiming for at the most.. 3 while most of my blocmates are in the cs/us status. Then after 2 years I was able to transfer to upm hoping to get a course without math but still I met math and failed it. I even asked the professor to pass me because I really need it. I failed 1 subj in upb and another subj in upm.. but when I knew I was graduating after 5 years of studying… it was a really great feeling surviving this worlf of knowledge-seeking in UP. wouldn’t exchange it for anything 🙂

      • Yes.. true.. these experiences are really worthwhile.. I might not have the best up transcript but I have a u.p diploma.. hehe 🙂

  23. Nice one…can relate..graudated 3 years ago.. freshman year sang damukal na 3 agad (still proud of it.:)).iniyakan ko pa dahil first exam ko chem sa 49/100,bagsak..ialready told my sister na lilipat na ako school although wala naman ako binagsak ng freshman..good thing she encouraged me to continue, after first sem ng 2 nd year .tska nadaw ako lumipat if hindi ko na talaga kaya. And so sophomore year came. And yeah dun din ako unang nakatikim ng tumataginting na 5.and that was the time i made the best decision ever.:).pinapalipat na ako ng sister ko ng school dahil may bagsak na ako at baka nahihirapan na ako.but i refused..:).i just told her, i want here.and the rest is history that every isko and iska can surely relate to.and here i am now, dala dala ang mga aral sa loob at labas ng klase sa u.p

    Mga ilan sa natutunana ko sa u.p?
    1. Hindi lagi talino, diskarte lang.
    2.Study hard, party harder.
    3, kailangan mong pghirapan ang lahat.

  24. Reblogged this on Kim's Secret Hiding Place and commented:
    If I would be asked what would UP had taught me for my past 7 years of college life, these were all the same with the author, with the addition of the following:

    1. Working your ass out of college is not a shameful experience (When I say working, I mean literally become a working student).
    – I also learned how to make fun out of it, for instance, since I was a call center agent at night, I usually introduce my work as a “call boy”, and then goes the stares since they would be surprised that I am a proud call boy. I would afterwards explain that I am really a call center agent, hence call boy. 😀 Boy how fun it was introducing myself every start of the semester.

    2. Taking subjects twice or even more does not make you less of a student, but it makes you realize to strive harder in getting a passing grade for those subjects.
    – One thing that I did not regret doing so was to drop a subject when I know I am doomed to fail. I was just so darned ashamed to have DRP showing up in my Transcript of Records (TOR). But when I realized that I would be getting a 4 or a 5, which of course means conditional failure or total failure, it was way too late.

    However, retakes really makes you realize how important it is to pass the subject. It is not because of the amount that you pay per unit (which I think batch 2007 and newer UP student would relate), but how will you ensure that in your next retake, you will finally imbibe all the lessons in that subject so that you can finally pass it. I find it also amusing that those subjects that I had difficulties or even retook taught me lessons that are very much significant in the career that I have now.

    3. College is not just about getting great grades for your post-graduate degrees. Everyday in your college life teaches you how to go through life after you get your college degree.
    – For instance, learning how to drink, socialize in parties and drink-all-you can parties. That is one of the things my daddy really taught me before going to college, learn how do drink. It’s not because all of us in the family are drinking bastards, but amazingly, all jobs that us college graduate would get to somehow involves parties where you would be asked to drink. And honestly, it’s a bit odd to accept in the social norm not to drink. Unless of course if you are in a religion that totally prohibits you so, then it’s the end of argument to push you into drinking.

    4. Your college is still subsidized by the Filipino people regardless of your STFAP bracket.
    – Oh God. Whenever I see my payslip when I was still a working student, I am so pissed off with the amount of tax that our government gets. Then it makes you realize that how come that at UP, we do not feel it in our facilities. So I am definitely frustrated on how come there is a disparity with funding of each UP constituency, i.e. UP Diliman has a better equiped chemistry laboratory than us in UPLB, or how come UP Diliman has way too many new books that are seldom used than us in UPLB where new books oftentimes are rare.

    Nevertheless, what UP will teach you is that whatever we have, we make do of them. For instance in our MCB 1 (Introduction to microbiology) and MCB 180 (food microbiology) classes, if our base agar is a bit expired and is not forming well, we can still adjust it by adding more agar into it. Or much better, instead of wasting the whole pH paper strip in determining your solution is acidic or not, why not cut them into small squares and put it on your watch glass. Then you can just use your Pasteur pipette and use a drop of your solution in the small cutout ph paper.

    5. Enjoy your college life while you still can.
    My laboratory professor in ANSC 1 (Introduction to Animal Science), Sir Edwin S. Luis taught us to “Have food trips while we still can even if it will burn a big hole in our pockets, because once we are old and sickly, we won’t be able to feast on them even if we have a lot of budget.” He specifically mentions this on the last day of our laboratory class where we ate the tocino we made in our class at his house. He does that to all of his ANSC students. However ours were a bit special because he really prepared dishes other than our tocino like sisig, sinigang, tinola, ice creams and leche flan. Also, this is his last semester since he will be retiring in the next semester. Hence, he really made sure that whatever life lessons he can share with us that day, he definitely did so.

    There. I know 5 items are not enough to enumerate what I have learned in college, but definitely, a lot of things really happens in college that you will carry on after graduation.

  25. Super love your story. 25 yrs ago pa ako naggraduate and yet I still know where you’re coming from. 5 and a half yrs ako dyan for a 4 yr course and complete pa ako all summers. Polsci ako but why the heck do I have math 100 ( which btw I took 3 times before passing. We may not be as ritzy or glamorous as the admu or dlsu grads pero mas mayabang pa rin tayo. Hope to hear more stories like this. Thanks for bringing back memories of back when I was a confused and lost but doggedly determined ISKO…UP NAMING MAHAL!!!

  26. Ang galing! Sobrang kung paglilistahin din ako ng mga natutunan ko sa UP ito rin lahat yun… Ang ganda lang ng pagkakasulat mo. 🙂 Yung maligaw. Aysus. Mula sa pagitan ng AS at FC, gusto ko pumunta ng CS. Takte kumanan ako. Narating ko na yung papuntang OUR at Arki ngayon wala pang CS na lumilitaw. Hahaha. Ang tagal din bago ko nalaman na pwede bumaba sa Tulis (Checkpoint) at pag kumaliwa ka eh Gym na. Nagpupunta pa ako ng AS para mag-ikot at makarating sa Gym. Sorry pero bobo talaga ako eh… Pila. Hays. Maikli pasensya ko pero sa UP lang humaba… Lahat ng bagay dapat mo 1) hintayin o 2) paghirapan. Tawag diyan — buhay. Weird. Sabi sa ArtStud, lipunan ang nagdidikta alin ang weird, alin ang norm. Pero kung iisiping mabuti, wala namang abnormal kase ang norm ay dinidikta lamang sa’tin ng lipunan. 🙂 Hay, sink or swim. Galing ako sa spoon-feeding na edukasyon kaya hirap na hirap talaga ako mag-research sa mga unang sems ko sa UP. Ito yung nagpatibay ng husto sa’kin. Ito rin tingin kong nag-develop ng survival instincts ko na ginagamit ko ngayon sa buhay at sa trabaho. Failure. Aaminin ko di naman ako ganung nag-e-excel nung high school. Tamad ako eh at di talaga kagalingan kung ikukumpara sa high school at college classmates ko. Pero di ako bumabagsak. Average student kase ako. Di man top 1, di naman ako bumabagsak kahit di ako gaanong mag-aral. Kaya, na-intimidate ako sa mga classmates ko na alien. Di pa tapos ang equation, alam na yung sagot. Charot. Pero dahil di naman ako sanay bumagsak, sa UP, natutunan kong bumagsak, matalo, madapa at magkamali nang paulit-ulit. Ang mahalaga, natuto ka. Walang saysay ang uno kung wala kang natutunan. Nakaka-proud.

  27. very well written, experienced exactly what you were talking about here and some more(that’s my tragedy anyway, my some more). anyway, totally love it…

  28. Hello. I’m an incoming student of UPLB. Upon reading your article, your article gives me inspiration and encouragement to overcome my fears. I’m really looking forward to my experiences in UP. Your article gives me lessons that I can use when I will have my first step in UP. I know that it may be tough at first,but I will just learn how to be patient with things. I can really see that UP isn’t only about academics that give tests about what the professor have taught, but also UP give tests of patience, hard work, and your social skills.It may not be through paper but with experience. Continue to inspire others. More power to you! God Bless. 🙂

  29. Hi. I’m planning to transfer this semester to UPM .. pero parang nagdadalawang isip na ko kase na intimidate po ako. Di ko alam kung bakit! Pero on the other side, gusto ng gusto ko, kase dream school ko siya…..

  30. Believe me, all your learnings will come in handy in the “outside world”. Goodluck in your next journey.

  31. really like the way you wrote this blog, You really described it so well that memories just flooded in while reading it. I can super relate with you as I also lived a pampered and comfortable life. My first year in U,P was a baptism of fire, biro ni Dad noon buhay pa siya para akong pagong na inihagis sa ilog, so Dad said it is either you sink or swim.. So I decided to swim and struggled swimming hanggang yes, i finally graduated year 1996.. The lessons I learned from U.P is not only confined within the four corners of the classroom. Values such as patience,( waiting for one’s turn long queue, getting up at 4 a.m and being there at enrollment queue at 6 a.m to enroll one subject. which means one have to go to 6 queue area to enroll 6 subjects. 2-3 days or even a week before one gets officially enrolled), perseverance.., discipline ….and that there are no short cuts to one’s goals, one has to do extra mile and work hard for it ( for instance, burning my candles to get a passing grade of 3 in Math 17(Algebra and Trigonometry combined, Math 100(Calculus), Animal physiology and Microbial Physiology.. I learned that one has to go out of his comfort zone to achieve success. Everything I learned from U.P trained me to live the real life and to survive the real world. Godbless to you
    . P.S.Just a friendly advice you are not over yet with U.P. if you have not let your clearance signed, filed and if you have not yet get hold of your diploma, so process it at once to avoid complications. My cousin never got her diploma even if she finished the your year course, it turned out she was not listed officially in the list of graduates and when she returned, she was still considered an undergraduate and there were many changes in her Political Science course .that she has to take the new subjects offered by it., she refused to undergo the hurdles again , so until now she has no U.P diploma and she said she is just a high school graduate in terms of educational attainment.

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